Psychotherapy is a unique platform for self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. With the adequate support and guidance, we can examine our relationship with self and others, find ways to become more aligned with our values and goals, and become agents of change. I work closely with individuals to help them manage and understand their current symptoms and distress and ultimately implement long-lasting, meaningful change. Psychotherapy can bring relief and help alleviate issues that stem from anxiety and perfectionism, depression, grief and loss, stress, parenting, negative self-image or poor self-esteem. By promoting hope and acceptance, I can also help you adjust to life’s demands and help with role transitions. By creating a space to safely discuss your inner experiences, I will help you examine belief systems and relevant past experiences that may be informing your present and together we can engage in a meaningful and profound journey of reflection, discovery, and fulfillment.

Allow yourself to take the next step and lead a happier life. It would be my privilege to join you and support you in your journey.

Services Offered:

Individual Psychotherapy

  • Client focus : Adults (18-64) and older adults (65+)
  • Telehealth
  • In-person